Monday, 20 August 2012

Wish List….

Bare Naked Body only uses essential oils and slowly slowly, we are increasing the range and amount of essential oils we stock and thereby use in our products. Essential oils are more costly ($) than fragrance oils, (the latter are often labeled “Perfum” on bath and body products) however the benefits of pure essential oils outweigh any price.
Bare Naked Body essential oil wish list:

- Pomelo
- Blood orange
- Jasmine
- Boronia
- Australian Lemon Tea Tree

Mmm... hopefully, soon, I can add some of these into the product range. 


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  1. Pomelo (grapefruit) is awesome. I use pink grapefruit a lot and ADORE it. Blood orange - hmmmm... may wish to try it too! Jasmine - definitely on my wish list but TOOOOO expensive for me to imagine putting in a soap... Boronia? Never heard of it! Australian Lemon Tea Tree? Sounds awesome. I add some from my wish list... Cypress, Myrr, Nutmeg, Wintergreen.... I could go on and on. I usually order 1 small new one with each order. xo Jen


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