Sunday, 21 August 2011

Castile Block

I am fortunate enough to be able to use local West Australian olive oil in all my products. The olive oil is sourced from the Margaret River region of Western Australia – which is one of my favourite areas, from the clean air, beautiful views, good food and wine, I always find clarity of mind in the South West.

I make this Castile Block to honour the beautiful local olive oil and keep it completely bare and naked, with no essential oils or clays. White beeswax hardens this bar and provides the beautiful white, creamy colour. Excellent for sensitive skin, the gorgeous rose bud sets off this soap with elegance and luxury.

Bare Naked Body tries to source as many ingredients from the local area as possible…I feel privileged to use some of the best olive oil in the world in my products. Enjoy…  
Castile Block 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Introduction and Welcome

Thank you for joining Bare Naked Body... we believe in body products which are simple and natural and still luxurious and fun. Our website is currently under construction however the link will be provided as soon as we go live.

Bare Naked Body products are as natural as possible, using ingredients which are as locally or sustainably sourced as possible... located in Perth, Western Australia, Bare Naked Body is inspired by the natural landscape around us - beaches, sun and fresh air! Our products use only essential oils or no essential oils. Fragrance oils are synthetically produced and can cause skin reactions. So, Bare Naked Body does not use any fragrance oils, only essential oils or no scent at all, making it a Pure Bare Naked Body Bar.

Stick with us and come with us on our journey - enjoy bath and shower time and enjoy Bare Naked Body...


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Natural, luxurious, artisan Bath and Body products... because your skin wants to be Naked... Our products are handcrafted in Western Australia using sustainable and where possible, local ingredients.