Sunday, 11 March 2012

Castile Bar - change of design

I love the gentle and mild Castile Bar.... we are fortunate to be able to source local Olive Oil from the Margaret River region of Western Australia and with the some of the finest and freshest olive oil, we think our Castile Bar is really quite special!

Our previous design of Castile Bar had a rose bud of the top of the bar, but this "egg-shell skull" soap needs to be treated soooo gently, to ensure the rose bud it not knocked off the soap or broken off, leaving a small brown dimple where the bud was.
Bare Naked Body Castile Bar - handle with care FRAGILE
So the Castile Bar has been re-designed, with a slightly textured top and sprinkle of luxury Lavender buds on top... what do you think?
New Bare Naked Body Castile Bar

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